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Licensing, Screening and Consulting Services

The OncoImmunin High Throughput Screening (HTS) system is now available for licensing. The system utilizes OncoImmunin's patented cell permeable fluorogenic substrate design for molecular analysis of enzymatic activities, including proteases such as caspases-1, 3/7, 6, 8, and 9, beta-secretase, and matrix metalloproteases (MMPs), inside and on the surfaces of live cells in 96-, 384-, or 1536-well plate formats. 

Our capabilities can be specifically tailored to meet the unique needs of each client. Through its development, research, and consulting services, OncoImmunin can also design, synthesize, and produce probes for clients for molecular analyses of protease, nuclease, glycosidase, and lipase activities in live cells. Please contact the Company for details regarding these OncoImmunin services.


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