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Metastasis Detection

 Metastasis detection is now possible using OncoImmunin's unique fluorogenic substrates to assay the protease activities associated with metastasis of malignant cells. Examples of current reagents for metastasis analysis are CaDiLux for the detection of cathepsin D and Elastolux for the detection of elastase.

As with OncoImmunin’s caspase substrates, these reporter molecules cross intact plasma membranes and are therefore able to detect intracellular proteolytic activites in live cells. As an additional reagent for metastasis detection, nonpermeable forms of the same fluorogenic substrates are being prepared for assay of extracellular proteolytic activities.

In the near future, substrates for the matrix metalloproteases (MMPs) as well as other proteases implicated in the metastatic process will become available.

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